Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tea Set and Raspberries

Tea Set and Raspberries
Acrylic on panel

I decided to paint part of a cute little tea set my boyfriend bought when we were in Salem Massachusetts last year.  We decided to do the whole touristy witch  trial thing on our way back from doing some family stuff in Boston. I wanted something red to go with the tea set...Cherries and cranberries were out of season so I decided to pick up some raspberries which I had never painted before...I was a little worried because they are so intricate, but I feel like I tackled it pretty quickly...My grandmother used to collect pieces from different tea sets and when I was little we would have tea time, which was always so much fun...usually we would have something like shortbread with our tea


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  1. Lovely painting. Great idea building up an eclectic tea set.