Friday, February 22, 2013

My Recent Visit To The Norman Rockwell Museum

My boyfriend recently took me to The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts...The entire drive up it was snowing like was around Christmas time and everything was decorated and lit up...we walked through town more than once all bundled up to get dinner, lunch, etc because the driving conditions were so bad...even though I visited New York  frequently as a kid, I'm from Florida, so it was fun being in all of this snow!

Norman Rockwell-Checkers, 1928

Even though I enjoyed all of the wonderful paintings that were in the museum, I found this image online and wish I would've seen it in person...I like the way Rockwell captures moments in American history...the interaction between people...
  The museum is in a quaint old house, which was blanketed in snow...I've heard that a lot of the models Rockwell used still have family living in this area.

On our way out of town we ate breakfast at a little mom and pop restaurant.... It was coming down hard and many of the roads hadn't been plowed, so we were driving at a snails pace and still skid off the road at one point...We were so happy to get back on the highway!

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