Sunday, July 21, 2013

King Trumpet and White Button Mushrooms

King Trumpet and White Button Mushrooms
Acrylic on panel


Mushrooms are tricky to paint because they rot so fast! I've never painted king trumpet mushrooms before...Clint brought these back from a Korean market in New Jersey. He had a bunch of them packed up in a cooler, but when he came to pick me up in Jacksonville, with the rush of packing to go back to Jensen beach, we forgot the mushrooms! Luckily, because the king trumpets were packaged in sealed plastic bags and were unopened we were able to come back a week later and use them to make some paintings! The tops of the larger two were falling apart, so I had to tape some of the mushroom together(tried gluing it and that didn't work!). I had fun creating this painting...I like the way the King Trumpets are leaning into each other. I added a couple of process photos...thought the initial drawing came out well.

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